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Why Onstak?

api integration expert

With the new applications paradigms of Micro-Services, Container technology and Cloud Services we have expertise in deep integrations with wide range of applications. Whether the use case requires custom integrations in to the Public Cloud or re-platforming a monolithic application for security/scale, we have done it all.


With our state-of-the art multi-vendor Data Centers and host of innovative solutions we will prove that the solution and architectures we provide are legit. Not only can our architects use these resources but your teams can get their hands dirty in playing and learning a variety of technologies from Cloud , DevOps to IoT. Very Cool!!


One of the key tenants in our design philosophy is to move at the Speed of Light. we have automation frameworks built for easy to use , simplicity and push button deployments


Your Data Center modernization effort is part of a holistic strategy that we view through a vendor agnostic lens. We will preserve your business value based on your legacy investment while introducing new next-generation technologies to bring forward much greater business value.


With new technologies comes the challenge of transforming your teams for new skills and process. We have developed interactive modules, training and mentor programs to re-tool your teams to build innovative new solutions and excite them with the new opportunities