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Artificial Intelligence

and Metaverse

Turn your in hand big data into better business and revenue

Why OnStak?

OnStak helps organizations capitalize on Big Data and derive actionable insights – and new revenue. Drive a frictionless Big Data strategy integrate data into your roadmap - and architect and implement a great solution. Cover your strategy – from top to bottom of the stack – to speed to big data business value.

How do we do it?

We help you analyze available data, datasets, and data structure analysis. OnStak is vendor agnostic - no single technology is appropriate for all; we can tailor a big data solution for you. We have full experience with NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark, Solr, Kafka analytics and more. OnStak has also mastered associated cloud platforms – AWS, Azure and GCP. You can showcase and demonstrate your technical and business savvy like no one else, with OnStak at your side

What we do

Thread and stitch your data and technology together like on one else. Drive new revenue.

Artificial Intelligence

  • NLP
  • Computer Vision & Video Analytics
  • Predictive Systems
  • Recommendation Systems
  • Industrial IoT (Industry 4.0)

NVIDIA Omniverse

  • NVIDIA Omniverse deployment
  • Omniverse Extension Development
  • Industrial metaverse applications
  • Synthetic data generation
  • Industrial Digital Twins
  • AR/VR Development
  • Open-USD Integrations

Discover & Advise

Strategy guidance to determine business opportunity and requirements
Data architecture and design support
Data processing, ingestion, and threading methods assessment


Requirement Mapping
Tech Stack Design
Data lake design
Training and Operational Data Set Generation
Build process

Deliver & Manage

Production Infrastructure Development
Data Migration & Pipeline Integrations
Full service from architecture assessment to DevOps/NetOps

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