Cyber Security

Secure your infrastructure and applications

Security Architecture Advisory & Assessment

We provide comprehensive infrastructure security assessment and advisory services covering end-to-end technologies including campus network architectures, enterprise data networks, and enterprise data-centers, private or hosted cloud solutions. We analyze internal & external threats which might impact IT Infrastructure in light of legal, regulatory, contractual & business requirements and assess the current security state of enterprise IT infrastructure. Conduct gap assessment and provide understanding of industry best practices.

Security Planning & Design

Our network planning and design is a collaborative effort between customer’s account manager, account consultant, and account engineer.

Some of our designs include:

  • Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) Design
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) Design
  • Security Policy Design
  • Secure Virtualization Design
  • Security Management & Monitoring

Security Deployment

Our deployment services cover all the phases needed for successful security technologies roll out projects:

  • IT security appliance and software installation & configuration
  • Security technology and systems integration

Having a broad experience of different security appliances and software, we have a solid background for carrying out the deployment activities efficiently

Security Infrastructure Migration & Upgrade

Our security infrastructure migration and upgrade services come with the least downtime. Foregoing this process can lead to missed objectives for businesses and hence, we carefully cover every area of improvement and risk in detail.

Every business must be assured that their current platform meets the business requirements and latest security trends. We help in transitioning to a new security platform with cost-effective models empowering the business to accomplish a risk-mitigated IT security transition seamlessly.

Security Audits & Penetration Testing

Our dedicated team of test engineers and security experts are well motivated and determined to provide valuable expertise and solutions to counter security threats and inadequacies. Cybercrime is on the rise, more and more businesses across the world are having their websites and web facing networking equipment tested against the latest security vulnerabilities. We offer clients advanced cyber security threat detection through vulnerability analysis and are specialists in penetration testing and security audits

Managed Security

We can provide you following managed security services tailored to your security needs:

  • Proactive not reactive management of your critical IT services and operations.
  • SIEM installation, IPS setup and attack pattern matching and alerting.
  • Remediation steps to mitigate threats that could impact your business.
  • Management of your security patching and updates.
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Website security scans for vulnerabilities.
  • Monitoring of your website for embedded malicious backdoored or spam code that could result in blacklisting your site.
  • Proactive log management and auditing on your system using Intrusion Prevention Systems.
  • Firewall management / rule testing and validation.
  • Advice on Business Continuity Planning from a website operational perspective.
  • Internal hardening and initial auditing through advanced in-depth penetration testing.

Cloud Computing Security

Cloud adoption is happening at a rapid pace, most of the businesses today have at least one application or type of data stored in the cloud, security controls of virtualized infrastructure are of utmost importance especially when there is a case of private or hybrid cloud. We offer full range of security control planning, deployment, operations and audit services for private and hybrid cloud infrastructures.