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We orchestrate your technology
like a symphony

Why OnStak?

Our mission is to you advance yourself and organization to bi-modal IT success: Fast and effective at the same time. Our DevOps expertise is central to this mission and we have proven it in all company sizes. Benefit from this mission with the highest quality software, speed to business value, and improved customer experience.

How do we do it?

We have a unique DevOps methodology proven in over 34 use cases, and in hundreds of companies - and a full end-to-end orchestration focus. 65% of our team is cross-trained on the stack including on DevOps tools such as Puppet, Jenkins, automation and more. We have over 40 team members certified on technologies from container to cloud.

What we do

Bring development and operations into the same sphere for frictionless
and seamless deployment and management.


Puppet Labs
Reusable deployment patterns, reusable code
Unique DevOps methodology


Monitoring and alerting support
Testing patterns
Support of configuration management tools
Automation support
Orchestrate cloud and hybrid cloud operations effectively


  • Agile development process
  • Proof of concept
  • Demo on premise or in lab
  • CI/CD practices
  • Repositories
  • Configuration management tools

Development & Delivery

  • Discovery workshops
  • Proof of concept, proof of value
  • Requirements
  • High level design
  • ITSM integration
  • Other integrations, e.g., private, public cloud platforms, and with IT tools


  • Self-service catalog
  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Customization
  • Cross-technology/vendor support
  • Custom integrations, e.g. OpenStack Cloud

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