Hybrid IT & Cloud

Cloudification Of Your Services

ONSTAK DELIVERS QUICK, SIMPLE AND SECURE CLOUD SOLUTIONS.Better plan and create robust multi-cloud solutions with our responsive expertise and support. We help your speed to ROI with complex technology mastery. Partner with Onstak to increase your profitability, improve efficiency and drive improved business outcomes.

Cloud Consulting & Assessment

Cloud Readiness

An effective assessment is the first step in migrating to the cloud and solving your business. Extensive information gathering on your existing landscape and internal processes.

Cloud Enablement

Our experienced team helps your enablement process of creating, deploying and operating some or most of your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Cloud Migration

Workload Migration

The benefits of migrating workloads between different cloud providers or between private and public clouds can be achieved through our multi-cloud expertise.

Application Migration

Every application or server migration is unique. Let our experts guide the best process.

Hybrid Cloud Orchestration

Automate Resource Provisioning

Automate your applications across a mix of physical, virtual and cloud IT environments.

Cloud Service Catalog

Simplifies and centralizes the provisioning of standardized cloud and non-cloud resources.