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Internet of

Things (IoT)

Accelerate your IoT business
with an end-to-end model

Why OnStak?

Let you and your business get the most from IoT via our expert experience and unique end-to-end development approach. We are the expert for the IoT experts to help drive the most business value from your effort and IoT focus. Our clients tell us that they get the most value from OnStak and cannot drive IoT business success without us.

How do we do it?

65% of OnStak team is cross-trained on the tech stack, from infrastructure to middleware to data lakes, Machine Learning, and applications. Our Focus is on a full end-to-end solution, with automation to the end point when possible. Benefit from or expert hands on support from discovery, scope, design and requirements to deployment and test.

What we do

Drive IoT from sensor to business success.

Operations and Process Enhancements

  • Video surveillance at airport: security, loading, passenger safety
  • Chat Box for customer service, help desk
  • Healthcare diagnostics

New Revenue Streams

  • Location tracking, e.g., for restaurant personalization, delivery
  • Smart Cities
  • Marketing content build and deliver personalization


  • Fraud detection: Telecom Financial, other
  • Energy Management
  • Industrial Monitoring
  • Extra support for AWS IoT solution, and Cisco/Jaspar


IoT Assessment & Discovery
Technical assessments
High level design
Low level design


IoT Software & Hardware Integration
Cisco Jasper & Amazon IoT Solution
IoT Sensor development
Data lakes
Machine learning, rules, tuning
Data science support

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