Taming Your Ops & Reducing Your Cost

Devops Transformation

DevOps practices provide help for the necessary next step after agile development to leverage the full potential of agile and avoid massive post-delivery changes through the development teams, but before they are ready to go into production. The challenge is to navigate to that DevOps transformation—and make it happen faster and at less risk. The speed and direction of that transformation depends on individual circumstances. Our DevOps Maturity Assessment Service will help your organization’s current DevOps maturity and transform to enable you in DevOps implementation strategy.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Understand the key concepts behind continuous integration and start adopting it with your team. The recent emphasis on continuous integration, built-in testing, constant monitoring, and analytics feedback all point toward an overall trend in the software industry: increasing the ability to react. We will help your team to Plan, Develop, Test and Deliver your projects in no-time.

Micro services & Containerization

Microservices encourage software developers to decouple their software into smaller functional pieces which are expected to fail. The advantage, when done well, provides increased agility and resilience.The result was an explosion of interest and adoption of containers which had formerly been a tool used only by the most sophisticated organizations. The microservices architectures can be amplified when used in combination with containers. Our customized solutions around these are proven in industry implemented at Top 10 enterprises.