Cisco DNAC Professional Services for AWS



Benefit from our expertise in customizing alert configurations, fine-tuning anomaly detection, and optimizing network policies tailored to your specific needs. Trust OnStak as your partner to navigate the complexities of Cisco DNAC, empowering your organization with unmatched network management capabilities.

Service Offerings

Manually deployment of the Cisco DNA Center AMI on AWS account without Cisco DNA Center VA Launchpad. Launch the software through the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) launch console, and then manually deploy Cisco DNA Center by creating the AWS infrastructure, establishing a VPN tunnel, and configuring Cisco DNA Center VA

Configuration Services

  • Proactive Health checks and performance optimization review
  • Patch Management and upgrades DNAC Software
  • Patch Management and upgradesApplication upgrades
  • Patch Management and upgradesInfrastructure firmware
  • Rapid Issue troubleshooting
  • Policy Customization
  • Device Configuration Templates and Provisioning
  • Custom Workflows
  • Reporting and Analytics Customization
  • Event and Notification Management
  • Network Segmentation
  • Capacity Planning and Optimization
  • Automation and Assurance use-case best practice guidance
  • Assist with Network devices upgrade using SWIM
  • Assist onboarding new devices using PnP
  • DNAC integration services with Cisco ISE


  • Manual Deployment Using AWS Marketplace
  • Understand DNAC features and capabilities
  • Gain practical recommendations on DNAC

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