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Ontrak Skills Enablement is a global program with primary mission of assisting anyone in achieving successful career path. The program is composed of industry experts hailing from various parts of the world, each possessing firsthand knowledge of the evolving technology landscape and the careers in high demand.

Ontrak Skills Enablement boasts an extensive in-house infrastructure for evaluating your current skills, facilitating the acquisition of new ones, securing optimal job placements, enhancing your capabilities, and re-evaluating your progress as needed to support your professional growth. Our expertise and direct connections with leading technology companies globally provide us with a distinct advantage. Given the ever-changing nature of the technology job market, effective planning and investments of your time and effort in burgeoning areas are imperative.

Ontrak Skills Enablement Advance Technologies Ontrak Skills Enablement Program

Our Ontrak Skills Enablement program is a comprehensive ontrak skills enablement program that focuses on Veterans, Women, and Students. This program is run under the Umbrella of OnStak gives it the uniue advantage of having insight into the latest industry trends and technologies. Our Program curriculum is very agile and is based on the pulse of the industry. This helps our candidates to be ahead of the curve. Skills Enablement is our way of transferring our technical knowledge and experience to the people who deserve it in our community.

Women Enablement

Contribution to the 50%

Students Enablement

Designed for High School
and graduating students

Veterans Enablement

Important part of the
rehabilitation process

Why Choose Ontrak Skills Enablement?

Global Reach

Our global presence right here at the heart of Silicon Valley and other technology critical hubs across the world gives us a unique advantage. We work with top tech companies across the globe with a wide-ranging portfolio which enables us to achieve industry insights invisible to others.

State of Art Infrastructure

We have a very strong global infrastructure base and our framework already consists of three wholly owned State of Art Data Centers in USA, Middle East and Asia. This enables us to increase our global reach tremendously and engage with leading tech companies across different regions. We have successfully developed and deployed small, medium and large scale projects with some of the most renowned companies across a wide range of technologies.

Certified Experts

Ontrak comprises of an ever-growing team of now over 170 certified industry experts. Our team has a very diverse portfolio covering almost every key technology that is changing the world today. Team of our experts not only leads the industry in various emerging areas, they are in-fact also involved in pioneering different leading solutions. Our team brings unmatched diversity, creativity and commitment to deliver.

Served directly / indirectly

OnStak experts evaluate new technologies and vendors constantly in ongoing R&D efforts that make sure the right software, hardware, or service is a perfect match for you. We make sure to increase the business value of your legacy investments while introducing new next-generation technologies.



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