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Introduction to
Students Enablement Program

The Student Enablement Program (SEP) is designed for High School and graduating students to put them on the technology track even before they graduate. We have a complete in-house infrastructure to assess existing skills, enable students to acquire new skills, place them in best possible internships, enhance their capabilities and re-assess them as required for their growth. Our expertise and direct relations with leading technology firms across the globe give us a unique advantage. The technology arena is constantly evolving so it is imperative to plan well ahead of time and invest time & efforts in the most growing areas.

Program Details

Our Students Enablement Program comprises three key stages. Firstly, candidates engage in intensive 4-6 month training sessions, specializing in advanced technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, and DevOps. Following this, they embark on an enriching internship, working on real industry projects to gain hands-on experience and practical insights. Finally, successful participants receive the OnTrack Program completion certificate, along with discounted coupons for industry-recognized certifications like AWS, Azure, Cisco, enhancing their qualifications and competitiveness in the tech industry.

Advance Technology Skills

4-6 month rigorous training sessions and enablement on one of the Advance Technologies like Internet of Things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, DevOps etc.

Internship on Real Projects

Candidate shall be assigned Industry projects to facilitate hands-on learning and skill development, which shall provide practical experience to a candidate.


Candidate shall be awarded Digital States Ontrack Program completion Certificate as well as Discounted Coupons for Relevant Industry Certifications (AWS, Azure, Cisco etc).

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