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With the recent acquisition of Digitalstates Inc. Onstak has enhanced its services and engineering capabilities around AWS. Realize your digital transformation through cloud-first or cloud-smart strategy without taking the risks of downtime, business, and customer churn. OnStak can take your business to the next level through limitless scalability, higher agility, and better economics offered by AWS cloud.

Cloud Assessment

OnStak’ cloud readiness assessment process follows the best practices of AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) and looks at the organization’s resources and IT environment and determines the readiness level for migrating to the cloud. The assessment analysis is a vital step for a smooth cloud migration process and setting up a cloud environment that fits the business requirements. Our advisory services ensure achieving the right readiness level and formulating a plan on how to do so to fit into your budget, resources, and schedule, reducing the time and cost of the project.

Business Assessment

    It starts with identifying what the business applications do (business function), assessing the value to the business, identifying the total cost of ownership (TCO), determining the strategic direction of the application, managing the portfolio, and executing a plan of action considering the minimal impact on day to day business operations.

Technical Assessment

    It involves identifying what the technology products do (their capabilities), assessing infrastructure and security requirements, determining the timeline and budget for the cloud migration process, determining technology standards, managing the portfolio, and maintaining a roadmap.

Customer Enablement

    Customer enablement and training is the key. We have a team of cloud experts and technical instructors who have deep technical insights into the technology and hands-on experience with cloud readiness workshops. We offer customized training and knowledge transfer for a diverse range of audiences.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the process of moving digital business operations into the cloud. It involves migrating data, applications, and IT processes from the private cloud to the public cloud and vice-versa. Each cloud migration project is different. OnStak is a cloud migration services provider with a team of experts who have assisted customers in their cloud migration journey for years. We have in-house cloud migration tools that can achieve this goal efficiently and effectively, avoiding any pitfalls.

Migration Approach

    We leverage the facts and data gathered from the cloud assessment phase and map it with business requirements, identify any gaps, and recommend a migration strategy that fits the organization’s customized needs. We also point out any modernization opportunities while planning for migration so the next result is highly fruitful. .

Migration Planning

    We help organizations migrate their business applications from the data center to the public cloud by conducting application and migration assessments, planning a migration and risk mitigation strategy, preparing a comprehensive execution plan, executing a proof of concept, and ensuring applications stand up per expectations. This reduces the risk, time, and cost of migration.

Migration Methodology

    We have in-house tools and products and cloud migration experts that have helped organizations expedite their cloud migration processes. The tools work as a wrapper over the migration tools and automate manual tasks, thus saving time and resources required for the lengthy migration process. Not only do we automate the migration process but also provide a comprehensive validation plan to ensure complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Application Modernization

Legacy business applications form the backbone of many organizations; yet, they hold organizations back from leveraging new digital technologies – such as cloud, IoT, and mobile – which are required to create modern experiences for customers and partners and make businesses more competitive and profitable. To address these challenges, IT teams need a way to rapidly connect legacy systems to modern applications while minimizing disruption to these systems. .

Being Cloud-Native

    Be cloud-first and cloud-native and step into a future without data centers. Your job is to offer value-added products and services and not to run data centers. Let OnStak take the responsibility to lift and shift your business from on-prem to the cloud where the pace of innovation is way faster.

Modernization Strategy

    OnStak helps you take full advantage of the latest cloud-native infrastructure offerings such as serverless architecture, microservices, and containers. This helps in taking full advantage of cloud elasticity and economies of scale while being future-proof.

Positioning to Win

    Architect your future-ready applications for new revenue streams and increasing business value on top of the latest tools and infrastructure. Leverage data, analytics, and AI/ML with the power of cloud and put your competition in catching up with you.

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