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Digital Maturity Assessment

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What is Digital Maturity Assessment

OnStak provides digital maturity assessment services to help organizations evaluate their position in the digital transformation journey. Their team of experienced consultants uses industry-standard digital maturity models to identify IT digital maturity levels, gaps, and provides tailored recommendations. The goal is to guide corporations and enterprises through successful digital transformation by reimagining business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing market demands in the digital age

Why Digital Maturity Assessment?

The Digital Maturity Assessment provided by OnStak serves as a comprehensive tool for evaluating and communicating the progress and status of transformation initiatives across corporate and functional levels. It acts as a vital communication mechanism, particularly beneficial for senior management, enabling them to understand the evolving landscape and make informed decisions. Through this assessment, priorities and areas of concern for transformation are identified, facilitating the application of best practices to drive successful outcomes. Additionally, it offers a valuable benchmarking opportunity, allowing organizations to compare their digital maturity against industry standards and other leading organizations, thus paving the way for continuous improvement and growth.

Digital Maturity Assessment Process


Assign project sponsor
Define scope of work
Collect documents
Select key individuals for survey
Agree on time frame.


Review documents
Map business functions dimensions
Conduct interviews & surveys
Hold review meetings


Analyze responses
Assess maturity
Create graphs and heat maps
Generate findings report


Findings and recommendations
Investment and resource priorities
Cluster results

Digital Maturity Levels


Best-in-class DT capability optimized for agility and is embedded in org culture, processes and trusted partner ecosystem


DT excellence delivering in coherent org-wide change and strategically competitive advantage in multiple areas of business.


Effective strategic leadership is delivering a coordinated approach to DT in multiple areas of business.


Isolated digital transformation initiatives aimed at specific improvements


Business strategy is at early formulation

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