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Unlocking Seamless Observability with Cisco Solutions

Why OnStak?

OnStak delivers top-notch observability solutions through a unified platform that integrates monitoring, analytics, and troubleshooting tools seamlessly. With real-time monitoring, automated insights driven by advanced analytics, and a scalable architecture, OnStak provides holistic visibility into IT environments. Collaborative tools streamline troubleshooting, while robust security features ensure data integrity and compliance. OnStak's customizable approach caters to specific needs, making it a leader in observability excellence. OnStak achieves observability excellence through cutting-edge technology and strategic design. Its unified platform simplifies IT management by consolidating monitoring, analytics, and troubleshooting tools. Real-time monitoring keeps organizations proactive, while automated insights from advanced analytics aid decision-making.

Cisco Observability Platform

OnStak specializes in empowering businesses through the transformative capabilities of the Cisco Observability Platform. With a focus on delivering tangible business outcomes, OnStak helps organizations leverage real-time monitoring, actionable insights, and intelligent analytics provided by the platform. This enables businesses to gain comprehensive visibility into their digital infrastructure, proactively detect and resolve issues, optimize performance, enhance user experiences, and drive strategic decision-making. OnStak's expertise ensures that businesses can unlock the full value of the Cisco Observability Platform, ensuring operational excellence and driving business success in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Unified Monitoring Across Environments

    The Cisco Observability Platform revolutionizes monitoring by offering a unified approach across cloud, hybrid, and on-premises environments. This platform integrates various monitoring tools, including Cisco AppDynamics and ThousandEyes, to provide holistic visibility into applications, networks, and infrastructure. By consolidating monitoring data from diverse sources, the Observability Platform enables businesses to correlate insights, detect issues across the entire stack, and gain a comprehensive understanding of their digital ecosystem's health and performance.

End-to-End Visibility and Troubleshooting

    With the Cisco Observability Platform, businesses gain end-to-end visibility and troubleshooting capabilities. The platform's advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms allow organizations to detect, diagnose, and resolve issues quickly and efficiently. By providing actionable insights into application performance, network connectivity, and user experience, the Observability Platform empowers IT teams to proactively address issues, optimize performance, and deliver superior digital experiences to end users

Scalable and Flexible Monitoring Solutions

    Cisco's Observability Platform offers scalable and flexible monitoring solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern businesses. Whether monitoring cloud-native applications, traditional IT environments, or complex distributed systems, the platform provides customizable dashboards, real-time alerts, and predictive analytics to support proactive monitoring and management. This scalability and flexibility enable businesses to adapt to changing technology landscapes, drive operational efficiency, and ensure optimal performance across their digital infrastructure.

How We Do It?

Full Stack Observability Customer Value Realization Framework
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OnStak brings a transformative solution to businesses through its partnership with Cisco AppDynamics. By leveraging AppDynamics' industry-leading application performance monitoring (APM) capabilities, OnStak empowers businesses to gain deep insights into their application performance and user experience. This partnership allows businesses to proactively identify and resolve performance issues, optimize application performance, and deliver exceptional digital experiences to their customers. OnStak's expertise in deploying and managing AppDynamics solutions ensures that businesses can maximize the value of their digital investments and drive business success in today's competitive landscape.

Comprehensive Application Monitoring

    AppDynamics, now part of Cisco, offers comprehensive application performance monitoring solutions that empower businesses to gain deep visibility into their applications' performance. With real-time insights into application transactions, code-level diagnostics, and end-user experience monitoring, AppDynamics enables businesses to proactively identify and resolve performance issues before they impact users. This level of monitoring ensures optimal application performance, enhances user satisfaction, and drives business growth.

Business Impact Analysis

    One of the key features of AppDynamics is its ability to provide business impact analysis. By correlating application performance with business metrics, such as revenue and customer satisfaction, AppDynamics helps businesses understand the direct impact of application performance on their bottom line. This insight enables organizations to prioritize issues based on their business impact, allocate resources effectively, and make data-driven decisions to optimize application performance and business outcomes.

Scalable and Intelligent Monitoring

    AppDynamics offers scalable and intelligent monitoring capabilities that adapt to the dynamic nature of modern applications. With AI-powered anomaly detection, automatic baselining, and dynamic alerting, AppDynamics can intelligently detect and respond to performance anomalies in real time. This proactive monitoring approach ensures continuous application availability, reliability, and responsiveness, allowing businesses to deliver exceptional digital experiences to their users while minimizing downtime and performance disruptions.


OnStak brings a dynamic solution to businesses by harnessing the power of Cisco ThousandEyes. As a trusted partner, OnStak integrates ThousandEyes' cutting-edge network visibility and monitoring capabilities into businesses' operations. By leveraging this partnership, businesses can achieve unparalleled insights into their network performance, enabling them to make informed decisions, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure a seamless user experience. OnStak's expertise combined with Cisco ThousandEyes' robust features creates a synergy that empowers businesses to thrive in today's digital landscape.

Enhanced Network Monitoring

    ThousandEyes, now a part of Cisco, brings a new era of network visibility and monitoring. With its comprehensive suite of tools, ThousandEyes enables organizations to gain deep insights into their network performance, allowing them to identify and resolve issues swiftly. From real-time monitoring to historical data analysis, ThousandEyes offers a robust platform for ensuring network reliability and performance optimization.

Global Network Intelligence

    One of ThousandEyes' standout features is its ability to provide global network intelligence. By leveraging a vast network of monitoring points across the globe, ThousandEyes can offer unparalleled visibility into the performance of networks, applications, and services from various geographic locations. This global perspective is invaluable for businesses with a distributed workforce or a customer base spread across different regions.

Proactive Problem Resolution

    ThousandEyes empowers organizations to take a proactive approach to problem resolution. By detecting issues in real time and providing actionable insights, ThousandEyes enables IT teams to address potential problems before they impact end users. This proactive stance not only improves the overall user experience but also helps businesses maintain high levels of operational efficiency and reliability in their network infrastructure.

ThousandEyes Service on AWS

Key Features Advanced Integration Services with AWS Gateway using APIs
Flexible managed service provides ThousandEyes monitoring for AWS.Third party integration with ThousandEyes. Detailed monitoring of critical APIs used in various industries such as eCommerce, mapping, banking, and authentication services.
Enterprise Digital Experience includes setup and configuration of tests.Browser-based synthetics to measure SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS workloads. Integration with AWS and other cloud providers for advanced visibility into cloud services.
Setting and Configuring agents including Endpoint, Enterprise and Cloud agents.License Optimization using best practices. API integrations with AWS, accessing detailed information about microservices and enabling API testing directly to AWS endpoints.
Label Configuration for asset tagging including labels for agents and test.Self-service tool helps customers integrate ThousandEyes with their AWS infrastructure. Offer templates for standardized API tests to simplify setup and improve efficiency in monitoring AWS services without detailed configuration.

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