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Why OnStak?

Let us help you and your teammates remove friction from data center implementations to advance your business outcomes. We are the experts for the data center experts to help you drive the most business value. Our clients tell us that we put their needs, and data center modernization effort first.65% of the team is cross-trained on the tech stack to help every data center upgrade, migration, and hybrid installation go smoothly. We are asked by Data Center manufacturer business units to bring their use cases to life, starting with data center. Capitalize our investment in six (6) advanced data center/labs to demo your solutions, and to ensure data center performance.

What we do

We specialize in seamlessly weaving together technology solutions like no other. Our expertise lies in mastering intricate integrations across various platforms such as Observability tools like FSO Platform, App Dynamics, Thousand Eyes, Open Telemetry, Cisco Compute, UCS X-Series, Intersight Adoption & Integration, Hypeflex/Nutanix, FlexPod, FlashStack, S3260 Servers, Networking technologies encompassing Cisco SD-WAN, SDN, ACI, Meraki, Nexus, Cisco DNAC, Nexus Dashboard, and Security measures including Cisco Next-Gen Firewalls, Cisco XDR, Cisco Secure Workloads, TALOS, Cisco Secure Network Analytics, Cisco Duo, Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Multicloud Defense. We handle everything from Rack and Stack services like Rack Installation, Cable Management, Equipment Installation, Network Configuration, Cooling and Ventilation, and Server Maintenance to Migration Services. OnStak stands out as the sole Cisco DSI/MINT partner offering comprehensive end-to-end stack coverage, backed by a $16M investment in six global data/incubation centers. Our integrations extend beyond, encompassing 3rd party applications, security protocols, SAP, ServiceNow, Oracle, IoT applications, and more, ensuring a holistic and seamless technological landscape.


    Assessment and discovery
    Unified Infrastructure
    Product/solution recommendations
    Domain expertise
    Discovery workshops
    Solution demo support, including in our
    demo centers


    RFI, RFP support
    Proof of concept, proof of value
    Requirements: business and technical
    BOM preparation
    Project scoping
    High level design
    Install and Config ACI and NSX


    Self-service catalog
    Implementation support
    Customization support
    Cross-technology/multi-vendor support
    Custom integrations, e.g. Openstack Cloud and more
    IT service management

Technology Portfolio

Welcome to my technology portfolio, where innovation meets practicality in the digital realm. Step into a world of cutting-edge solutions and transformative technologies showcased in my portfolio. Explore the intersection of creativity and functionality through my collection of technology projects and achievements.

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What OnStak offers

Cisco Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller Quick Start

    OnStak's services for "Cisco Nexus Dashboard Fabric Controller Quick Start" streamline integration for enhanced network visibility and control. Their rapid deployment minimizes disruptions and maximizes performance, empowering businesses with agile and secure network infrastructure.

Nutanix Migration Services

    OnStak's Nutanix Migration Services facilitate a seamless transition to Nutanix's hyperconverged infrastructure, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. Their end-to-end solutions cover assessment, data migration, and post-migration support, empowering businesses to leverage Nutanix's scalable infrastructure effectively.

Cisco SD-WAN

    OnStak specializes in deploying and managing Cisco's SD-WAN solutions, optimizing network connectivity, performance, and security. Their end-to-end services cover design, implementation, and ongoing support, ensuring organizations harness SD-WAN's benefits effectively for enhanced agility and cost-effectiveness in the digital realm.

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