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Optimize your Cloud

Why OnStak?

Let us help you and your team remove implementation friction: from assessments to design to execution. We are the experts for the cloud experts to help drive the greatest business value from your efforts. Our clients tell us that we put their needs first and help them optimize their cloud strategy like no one else.

How do we do it?

65% of OnStak team is cross-trained on the tech stack, from container to cloud to application. We are also great at product integrations, such as legacy, third-party applications and security. We leverage six (6) advanced data center/incubations (2 are EBCs) to help you turn opportunities into sales.

What we do

Migrate and optimize your clouds like no one else.

Full Stack Observability

  • FSO Platform
  • AppDynamics
  • ThousandEyes
  • Open Telemetry

Cloud Networking

  • Cisco SD-WAN Integration with AWS Transit Gateway
  • Cisco Nexus Dashboard Cloud
  • Cisco Business Dashboard (CBD)
  • Cisco Cloud Network Controller on AWS
  • Cisco CSR 1000v on AWS

Cloud Security

  • Cisco Secure Workload on AWS
  • Cisco Umbrella on AWS
  • Cisco Duo Security on AWS
  • Cisco ASAv on AWS
  • Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics
  • Cisco Multicloud Defense

Cloud Strategy and Assessment

Full assessment of business needs
Cloud suitability matrix
Technical assessment and proof of concept
Enterprise integration strategy
Proven reusable components to help execute cloud migration, integration, and orchestration
Secure Virtual Private Cloud (S-VPC) Framework Solutions

Cloud Enablement

Discovery workshops
Proof of concept, proof of value
Requirements and High-level design
Application Development and Integration
Infrastructure setup (Production, UAT, Load Testing, etc.)
Secure Mobile Collaboration Solution- Enterprise Drop Box

Cloud Migration and Engineering Services

Self-service catalog
Migration roadmap
Design: forklift, lift and refit, re-factor, replatform
Cross-technology/vendor support
Infrastructure optimization
Custom integrations, e.g. Openstack Cloud, ServiceNow, security and more

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