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Why OnStak?

Let us help you and your team remove implementation friction: from assessments to design to execution. We are the experts for the cloud experts to help drive the greatest business value from your efforts. Our clients tell us that we put their needs first and help them optimize their cloud strategy like no one else. 65% of OnStak team is cross-trained on the tech stack, from container to cloud to application. We are also great at product integrations, such as legacy, third-party applications and security. We leverage six (6) advanced data center/incubations (2 are EBCs) to help you turn opportunities into sales.

Hybrid Cloud

Cisco's approach to Hybrid Cloud seamlessly integrates on-premises infrastructure with cloud-based resources, providing a flexible and scalable solution for businesses. By combining the control and security of private infrastructure with the agility and scalability of public cloud services like AWS, Cisco empowers organizations to optimize their IT environments. With Cisco's Hybrid Cloud solutions on AWS, businesses can efficiently manage workloads, seamlessly migrate applications, and leverage a hybrid infrastructure that adapts to evolving business needs.

Cloud Networking

Cisco's Cloud Networking solutions for AWS offer advanced networking capabilities tailored for the cloud environment. Leveraging Cisco's industry-leading networking technologies, businesses can build resilient and high-performance networks on AWS infrastructure. Whether it's establishing secure connections, optimizing network traffic, or implementing hybrid connectivity between on-premises and cloud environments, Cisco provides the tools and expertise to ensure reliable and efficient cloud networking solutions.

Cloud Security

Security is paramount in the cloud, and Cisco's Cloud Security solutions for AWS deliver comprehensive protection against evolving cyber threats. With Cisco's advanced security technologies, businesses can safeguard their data, applications, and infrastructure on AWS. From identity and access management to threat detection and response, Cisco provides a layered approach to cloud security, helping organizations mitigate risks and maintain regulatory compliance in the cloud environment.

Cisco ThousandEyes Professional Services

    Cisco ThousandEyes is a SaaS tool ensuring application and service performance across diverse environments. OnStak specializes in ThousandEyes services, offering expertise with certified consultants in ThousandEyes and AWS for optimal network performance management.

Cisco AppDynamics Adoption Services for AWS

    OnStak offers 1 year adoption services for Cisco AppDynamics with AWS. We have deep expertise and skillset to implement AppD in your environment and customize dashboards based on your specific needs.​

Cisco DNAC Deployment on AWS​

    Experience the power of OnStak’s Support for Cisco DNAC. Our comprehensive services include proactive performance optimization, real-time monitoring, and regular health checks to ensure your network operates at its peak potential. ​

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