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Veterans Enablement Program

Empowering Veterans for Success

Introduction to
Veterans Enablement Program

The Veteran Enablement Program ( VEP ) is our way of being a small but extremely important part of the rehabilitation process. Our core purpose is to develop crucial skill set with regards to new technologies amongst the veterans. This program focuses on the enablement of veterans by not only providing complete training and career mapping paths, but also helping them settle into the information technology space as valuable contributors.

Program Details

The Veterans Enablement Program paves a path to empowerment through three key stages. First, it imparts essential basic technology skills, laying a strong foundation for computer literacy, project management, and more. The program then offers the opportunity to delve into advanced technology skills, including AI, IoT, and cybersecurity. Finally, participants gain real-world experience and enhance their abilities through internships on industry projects.

Basic Technology Skills

Candidate will be enabled with basic technology skills, like introduction to computers, email creation, basics of computing, Project Management, Business Analytics, Web Designs, UI/CX. (Program duration 3 months)

Advance Technology Skills

In the advanced technology skills program, the candidates will enroll in one of the Advance Technology skills like IoT, AI, Cybersecurity, Hyperconverged Infrastructures, DevOps etc. (Program duration 3 months)

Internship on Real Projects

Candidate shall be assigned Industry projects to facilitate hands-on learning and skill development. They will also be introduced to women enterprenuers and women specific programs (Program Duration 2 months).

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