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Why OnStak?

We're here to assist your organization with end-to-end visibility and monitoring capabilities across an entire technology stack, including networks, applications, infrastructure, and services. Cisco FSO when combined with SAP observability offers a holistic view of the SAP systems and their interactions with other components of the 3rd Party ecosystem.

How do we do it?

OnStak advisory services guide organizations through SAP's evolving landscape, optimizing investments with expertise in alignment, risk management, and change facilitation. Implementation is tailored to specific software and organizational needs. SAP experts ensure peak performance, enabling adaptation to change requirements, ultimately maximizing SAP technology benefits.

What we do

Guiding SAP Success from Start to Optimization


  • ROI and Value proposition
  • Assessment
  • Best Practices


  • SAP Implementation
  • SAP Upgrade
  • SAP (S/4HANA) Migration


  • Performance Analysis
  • Infrastructure Assessment
  • Database Optimization



OnStak advisory services are pivotal in facilitating organization's success within the constantly evolving SAP solutions landscape. With our expertise in strategic alignment, risk management, change facilitation, and process optimization, these services empower enterprises to unlock the complete potential of their SAP investments. In a time marked by unceasing digital transformation and ongoing change, the advisory services team is an invaluable asset in guiding enterprises toward achievement and innovation.


Implemetation in the context of SAP specifically pertain to a suite of actions and processes meticulously designed for the introduction of SAP software solutions within an organization. The intricacy and focus on implementing depends on the specific SAP solutions being deployed and the unique requirements of the organization.


Enhancing the performance, efficiency, and overall effectiveness of an SAP system necessitates the implementation of a range of strategic and technical measures. Our team of SAP experts aim to ensure that an organization's SAP system operates at its best, delivering the desired results efficiently and effectively. This ongoing process helps organizations adapt to changing needs and emerging opportunities, optimizing their use of SAP technology.

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